Folklore and Mythology

Welsh folklore and mythology resources.

Geoffrey of Monmouth
An article outlining Monmouth's contribution to Arthurian legends. Monmouth penned Prophecies of Merlin, The History of the Kings of Britain, and the narrative poem "Life of Merlin."

Glimpses of Welsh Life and Character
The text of Marie Trevelyan's 1893 book Glimpses of Welsh Life and Character. Chapters include "Welsh Myth and Romance," "Welsh Traditions and Superstitions," "Welsh Smugglers and Wreckers," and "Welsh Country Doctors of the Past."

King Arthur
Sort through the various aspects of Arthur: the Family of Arthur, the Rise and Fall of Arthur, Historical Arthur, Arthur's Residences, Arthur's Genealogy and more.

The Mabinogion
This Welsh classic represents centuries of storytelling tradition. Lady Charlotte Guest translated the Welsh tales in 1849, naming the collection after the four branches of the Mabinogi.

Mythography: Celtic Wales
A searchable site covering gods and heroes in Celtic myth and art. A discussion forum and recommended reading list round out the site.

Myths and Legends
Recounts the story of "Merlin and the Red Dragon of Wales" and "Wibernant," a dragon-like beast.

"The Tale of Taliesin"
Read the tale in its entirety, as recounted by Jennifer Cochrane. Part of Encyclopedia Mythica's online collection of mythology, folklore, and legends.

Tales of Welsh Tradition-Bearers
A collection of Welsh folk tales recorded by Dr Robin Gwyndafof the Museum of Welsh Life.

According to legend, the Welsh bard Taliesin escaped from Irish pirates in his coracle, and later presided at the Round Table as Chief Bard of the West. Read The Book of Taliesin in Welsh or English.

The Welsh Triads
An outline of the Welsh Triads. The Peniarth Manuscript, The White Book of Rhyderrch, The Red Book of Hergest, and The Black Book of Caermarthon recount these bardic tales.

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