Welsh Government

National and local government resources.

The British Council Wales
Promotes Welsh education, arts and culture, the Welsh language, and the country itself.

Caerphilly County Borough Council
Formed in 1996, the council serves 176,000 local people. The council is the largest employer in the Caerphilly area.

Countryside Council for Wales
Functions as the national wildlife conservation authority of Wales. The council advises the government and local authorities, deals with land management issues, monitors habitats, protects species and their habitats, and educates the public.

Gwynedd County Council
A comprehensive resource for residents and tourists. Review the council meeting minutes, search the council directory, or study the county's economic development strategy. Locate community services, read community news, or discover tourist destinations.

Institute of Welsh Affairs
An independent think tank that debates Welsh policies and educates the public. The IWA recently published the report What are we doing to our kids?.

The National Assembly for Wales
Established when Parliament passed the Government of Wales Act 1998. Effective July 1, 1999, local policy-making power transferred to the Assembly, however, Wales retained its seats in Westminster and its place within the UK.

Vale of Glamorgan Council
A listing of available council services, including contact names and numbers. A map pinpoints council offices. A few councilors can be reached by email.

Welsh European Funding Office
Tasked with promoting sustainable economic growth, increasing prosperity, reducing disparities, and tackling inequality. The organization oversees the European Structural Fund Programmes in Wales, the Rural Development Plan, and the Local Regeneration Fund.

Welsh Political Parties
A roundup of Welsh political parties. Includes the radicals to the liberals and those in between.

  • Plaid Cymru
    Plaid Cymru is a "left-leaning party focusing on Welsh self-determination and well-being."

  • Wales Green Party
    Political party whose goal is a "just, sustainable and more equal society." Believes in community based economics, local democracy, and solving problems instead of symptoms.

  • The Welsh Labour Party
    Over the last 100 years, the party has met its original goals of devolution, a national minimum wage, and the abolition of hereditary peers. Its current goals include creating more jobs and a strong economy, and investing more money in the NHS, education, public transportation, and job training.

  • Welsh Liberal Democrats
    A progressive political party whose goal is to "speak for the poor, the powerless and the dispossessed."

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