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British Money and Currency
Visit Britain explains currency dominations, where to buy sterling currency and travelers cheques, and rules about bringing money into the UK.

Crime and Justice
Crime and justice data for England and Wales. According to the 2007/2008 report, overall police recorded crimes dropped by 9 percent, however, drugs offences increased by 18 percent.

British Flags
Presents the flags of Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England, and the Union Jack. Explains the significance of the colors and designs.

Royal Mail
Royal mail postal services, including delivery options and collection services. Buy postage, find postcodes, redirect mail, track parcels, etc.

Maps of Wales
Various maps: historical, geographical, county, roads, and more.

  • County Map
    A map of the counties in Wales, effective April 1, 1996, provided by Data Wales.
  • Get a Map
    A free online service provided by Ordnance Survey and Multi-Media Mapping. Search by location name, postcode, or grid reference. Requires JavaScript.
  • Historic Maps
    Provided by Landmark Information Group, the maps date from 1846 to 1899. Maps exceed your screen's viewable area. Maximize your browser window and pan to desired map area.
  • Major Roadways
    A map outlining the major roadways in Wales, courtesy of Data Wales.
  • National Parks
    Data Wales presents a map of Wales' national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Mark Nodine's Welsh-English Dictionary
An online dictionary, requiring forms support, which translates from Welsh to English and vice versa.

Today's Weather in Wales
Daily weather forecasts for Wales, plus two-week outlooks and forecasts for about 30 cities.

People and Place Names Search for Celtic names, popular baby names, and Welsh place names. Most of these references include name origins and meanings.

  • Common Welsh Surnames
    Welsh surnames from Ace to Young, including derivations and some pronunciation guides.
  • Popular Names
    Lists the top fifty girls' and boys' names in Wales for the year 2007 and the top 100 names in England and Wales for the years 2003 to 2007. Among the top boys' names are Jack, Dylan, and Rhys; the top girls' names include Ruby, Megan, and Ffion (pronounced FEE-on).
  • Welsh Female First Names
    Celtic names from Aberfa to Yseult. Everyday names to the obscure. Includes some pronunciation guides.
  • Welsh Male First Names
    Celtic names from Aberthol to Yspadaden Pencawr. Includes some pronunciation guides.
  • Welsh Place Names in North Wales
    The literal meanings of Welsh place names, derived from Welsh words. Sound files accompany most of the place names.

Pet Quarantine
Outlines current regulations for pets entering the United Kingdom and provides links for additional information. Animals meeting Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) rules are exempt from quarantine.

Rail Schedules
Railtrack is a searchable site providing train timetables, travel news, and a list of major stations.

A Timeline of Welsh History
An invaluable timeline spanning 1000 BC to 1997 AD. It puts Welsh history into perspective.

Travel FAQs
Visit Wales compiled a helpful trip planning FAQ that covers travel documents, medical insurance, school vacations, voltage, budgeting, and more.

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