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Almanac Facts

Handy facts, figures, maps, trivia bits, and other information you'd find in an almanac.


Examine Welsh relics and archaeological sites, some dating to prehistoric times. View cairns, menhirs, standing stones, and other mystical structures.

Arts and Crafts

From the summit of Mount Snowdon to the depths of coal and copper mines, Wales has inspired artists and artisans for centuries. Discover the cottage crafts, royal art collections, and modern art accessible online.

Beer and Breweries

A directory of Welsh beers and breweries.

Castles in Wales

From Roman fortifications to regal estates and ruins, more than 400 castles dot the Welsh countryside. Your virtual tour departs here.

Celtic Heritage

Wales' Celtic roots burrow deep through time and history, defining the country and its people. Use these resources to uncover Wales' Celtic heritage.

Cultural Events in Wales

Enjoy cultural events in Wales such as the annual eisteddfodau, Royal Welsh Show, Hay-on-Wye Festival of Literature, and Welsh International Film Festival.

Customs, Traditions, and Symbols

Discover the meanings behind Welsh customs, traditions, and symbols.

The Ecology of Wales

A look at the environmental issues and government regulations affecting Welsh ecosystems.

Education in Wales

Wales offers a wide range of educational opportunities from nursery school through university. Education extends from bricks-and-mortar classrooms to open learning and digital college classes.

Famous Welsh People

It's not surprising that a country known for its castles, choirs, and eisteddfodau, is also the birthplace of many talented and famous people. Renowned poets, actors, singers, writers, explorers, inventors, historians, and politicians hail from Wales.

Films and Film Locations

With its passionate people and scenic countryside, Wales is the perfect film setting. Merlin, Mortal Kombat II, First Knight, Prince Valiant, Yanks, and Under Suspician were filmed in Wales.

Folklore and Mythology

Like an historical shroud woven of tall tales, legend envelops Wales. Peruse these Welsh folklore and mythology links and unravel the truth from legend.

Food and Drink

Known for its Welsh lamb, beef, and cheese, Wales offers a unique food experience. Traditional dishes include laverbread, cawl, bara brith, Welsh cakes, and Welsh rarebit.

Gardens of Wales

Wander through cottage gardens and castle grounds. With its mild climate, Wales is a botanical delight.

Genealogy Resources

Research your Welsh ancestry with these how-to and where-to genealogy resources.


Trace the history of Welsh government and follow recent political developments.

Heritage Tourism in Wales

You'll need a lifetime or two to visit all the historical and cultural sites in Wales. Narrow your "must see" list with these travel resources.


Centuries of military, political, and social upheaval have shaped Welsh history. These resources delve into Wales' past.


From storyteller to storyteller, Welsh literature evolved with each century. Trace the development of Welsh literary tradition through modern times.

Music and Dance

Wales wouldn't be Wales without song and dance. The country's annual eisteddfodau feature costumed singers, music, and dance.

News Resources

A compilation of media resources related to Wales and Welsh culture.


Test your knowledge with these quizzes. Some are designed for kids, however, they aren't necessarily easy!

Religion in Wales

From the Druids onward, religion has played a central role in Welsh society. Learn about Wales' religious history.


Trace the Welsh Royal bloodline, traditions, and historical ties.

Sports in Wales

Wales is a sportsmen's paradise: water sports to motor sports to the traditional favorite, rugby.


A roundup of Welsh theatres and theatre companies, critical writings and reviews, profiles and features, and theatre news.


The Welsh have shaped history, not only in Wales, but also in America. Nearly one-half of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Welsh. Five of the first six US presidents were Welsh.

Welsh Associations and Societies

A compilation of Welsh associations and societies in Wales and abroad.

Welsh Language Resources

Don't be intimidated by the long, seemingly unpronounceable, consonant runs. Welsh is one of the easier languages to learn. These language resources will get you started.

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