Welsh History

Essays, articles, and critical analyses of Welsh history.

The Annals of Wales
A timeline of Welsh history covering the period of 447 to 954, excerpted from the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.

A Brief History of Wales
Written by Peter N. Williams, PhD, a native of Flint, this twenty-two chapter tome outlines "The Making and Unmaking of a Nation" to "The 1997 Referendum."

Early British Kingdoms
From King Arthur to Celtic saints, you'll find plenty of historical information here.

"The Final Campaign of Prince Llywelyn"
An historical essay chronicling the 1282 death of Prince Llywelyn, the last native Prince of Wales.

The History of the Britons
A monk called Nennius derived this 8th century "history" from unreliable oral myths and Latin texts. These excerpts, provided by the Internet Medieval Sourcebook, mention King Arthur.

A Short History of Wales
A multipart overview of Welsh history written by Owen M. Edwards.

A Timeline of Welsh History
An invaluable timeline spanning 1000 BC to 1997 AD. It puts Welsh history into perspective.

A Welsh History Synopsis in 20 parts
A compilation of CELTIC-L posts, which provide a twenty-part overview of Welsh history. Despite limited navigation links, it's certainly worth a read.

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