Welsh Culture Quizzes

Links to various Wales-related quizzes and puzzles.

Children's Slider Puzzles
Choose between three puzzles: Highgrove House, The Duchy of Cornwall Coat of Arms, The Prince of Wales' Feathers.

English as a Second Language Quiz
Tests preposition and pronoun usage in sentences that incorporate UK facts. Designed for ESL students.

Hedgehog Quiz
A five-question quiz designed for children. Unless you're a hedgehog expert, chances are you'll learn something new too.

Wales Quiz
A twenty-question quiz covering assorted topics ranging from sports to literature.

Wales Quizzes and Wales Trivia
A dozen quizzes, rated average to difficult, compiled by FunTrivia.

Welsh Castle Quiz
Twenty questions about Welsh castles. Hint: all the answers can be found on "The Castles of Wales" site. Correct answers earn five points. A humorous scoring key is included.

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