Religion in Wales

Gateway to religious history and religion in Wales.

Ancient Welsh and Celtic Gods
Welshpedia lists deities from Aeron to Vivienne.

British Province of Carmelite Friars
Their history in Britain dates to 1242 and the Crusades. They remained active until the Reformation in 1538, reestablishing themselves, after numerous failed attempts, in the early 1900s.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Wales
A chronology of religious history in Wales. To quickly access the section on religion use your browser's find feature, or scroll about halfway down the page. The religion section extends to the end of the page.

Celtic Deities and Myth
Discusses the Druids, pre-Christian customs, burial rituals and the role of female deities in Celtic religion.

Celtic Religion
A brief history of Celtic religion in Wales and the demise of Druidism under Roman influence.

The Church in Wales
Includes an open forum, a clergy and parish database, a listing of events, and links to parishes online.

St. David
A biography of St. David, patron saint of Wales, excerpted from The Catholic Encyclopedia.

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