Welsh Language Resources

Links to Welsh language resources: dictionaries, spell checkers, language tapes, courses and reference books.

Cymdeithas Madog
The Welsh Studies Institute of North America is named for the Welsh prince, Madog ab Owain Gwynedd, who legend says sailed to America in the 12th century. Cymdeithas Madog is dedicated to teaching North Americans the Welsh language.

A discussion list for Welsh language learners.

A Dictionary of the Welsh Language
A Welsh counterpart to The Oxford English Dictionary, this ongoing project of the University of Wales began in 1921 at the National Library of Wales.

Forum Wales
Forum Wales' audio section contains audio clips of common phrases, the Welsh alphabet, Welsh dipthongs, and counting in Welsh.

History of the Welsh Language
Briefly outlines the development of Welsh, a Brythonic language. Includes a table comparing six words in English, Welsh, Cornish, and Breton.

Mark Nodine's Welsh-English Dictionary
An online dictionary, requiring forms support, which translates from Welsh to English and vice versa.

A Welsh Course
Designed by Mark Nodine, a self-taught Welsh speaker, this beginner's course teaches conversational Welsh.

Discussions on the Welsh language list are primarily in Welsh. Review the FAQ before subscribing.

Welsh Language Board
Established under the Welsh Language Act of 1993, the public-funded Welsh Language Board promotes the use and development of the Welsh language.

The Welsh Language in North Wales
A handful of Welsh phrases to learn, complete with wave files. Includes basic greetings and yes and no phrases.

The Welsh Language Society
Staunch supporters of the Welsh language, the group has campaigned for Welsh language acts to bilingual road signs. Most of the site is in Welsh.

Welsh Place Names in North Wales
The literal meanings of Welsh place names, derived from Welsh words. Sound files accompany most of the place names.

Welsh Spell Checker
Provided by Mark Nodine, this helpful spell checker requires forms support.

Welsh Unlimited
A comprehensive Welsh language service offering self-study programs to "Welsh in the Workplace" courses and translation services.

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